Supporting local refugee communities – volunteering opportunities in Norwich

As you may be aware, Norwich welcomed some refugees from Syria earlier this year. As part of the support offered, the council organised a creche for babies and pre-school children to enjoy whilst the adults attended English classes. I am fortunate enough to volunteer there and am appealing to those of you seeking the opportunity to play, laugh and contribute to the wellbeing of these amazing children. The creche is open from 10-2pm, Monday to Thursday and is managed by crèche manager Jacqui Ramm and a team of volunteers.

Volunteering fits in with your life so you choose your hours, for example I volunteer once a week for 4 hours during term time. You not only have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the children’s lives, but you have the joy of getting to know their families and the rest of the volunteering team.

Please do stop me in the playground if you would like to talk about it further or please complete an application form which will be sent to the People from Abroad Team.

Your help and support would be very much appreciated.

Maria Sweetman