Useful Websites

This website provides lots of interactive maths activities for a range of abilities and ages. You will need Java and Flash installed on your computer.
Tackling Tables is a card game that children play regularly in school. Each child has been given a username and password so that they are able to play the online game!
NRICH is a super website developed by the University of Cambridge with the aim to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. The website is full of activities including mathematical reasoning and problem solving in a range of contexts.  There are ‘live’ problems and individuals can post their solutions if they find them!
Count On Maths has lots of interactive maths games for children to practice a variety of mathematical skills. ‘Who wants to be a Mathonaire?’ is a particular favourite and all of the family can get involved! There are other familiar games with a maths twist such as, ‘snakes and ladders’ and ‘peg solitaire’.
Crickweb has a variety of free games. It is organised into different areas of Mathematics so that children can choose an area, so that they can improve in an area that they might lack confidence.