Avenue Junior School is proud to be a School of Sanctuary. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive school where all members of the community share our values; respect, resilience and aspiration. Our commitment to anti-racism is a key part of this vision. On this page you will find information and resources relating to that commitment.

Our Anti-racism Charter

Unicef describes anti-racism as being a meaningful ally to people and colleagues of colour, and actively tackling racism where you see it. This is different from saying we’re not racist, it is an obligation in both our professional and personal lives to actively call out discrimination and injustices.

Anti-racism can be achieved by our commitment to:

  • Listening to voices of colour; by actively listening to peoples’ lived experiences of racism and discrimination
  • Learning about racism in the U.K and around the world. Taking the initiative to actively understand structural oppression, privilege, and our roles in upholding systems of inequality
  • Living an anti-racist lifestyle: call out inequality when you see it

This is a commitment we expect all of our stakeholders; pupils, staff, parents and the wider community, to make when they enter our setting.

Anti-racism Resources
The Halo Code

Find out more about what it means for our school to be a School of Sanctuary