Pastoral Care

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)

Pastoral Support Workers

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Pastoral Provision Map 2018-19

Art for Wellbeing

Relaxation / Mindfulness

Pets As Therapy (PAT)

'Connections' Social/Emotional groups

'Connections' groups run every day in the afternoon. The sessions are run by Mr Leek and Ms Gibbs and they aim to support and develop well-being, self-esteem and to develop emotional literacy.

The sessions are fun and informal and there is a maximum group size of 10 (with 2 adults supporting). Emphasis is placed on respect and good listening and in every session the children are given the opportunity to share how they are feeling or any news they have with the group. Children can share any issues they may be struggling with, including dealing with changes, relationships, or difficult emotions such as anxiety and anger. Through a range of activities we aim to promote pro-social behaviours and develop qualities such as optimism, resilience, motivation and impulse control.

We focus on building strong and trusting relationships with the children so that they feel safe, valued and able to share their ideas and feelings.

Sessions also include a snack and a drink. We encourage good manners and a number of the children really like to help hand round the food and drink as well as helping to clear up! On occasions, our Year 6's act as 'Connections ambassadors' - they come and help to run the groups for the younger children.

Some of the groups have spent time doing activities outside in the small garden area and planting. We tend to tailor the activities to meet the needs of each group, once we know the children and their needs.

Our children said...

Yr 3 child "I can talk to Ms G and Mr L about stuff that is going on. It is a privilege to come."

Y3 child "Connections has really helped me with my feelings because I can talk about my feelings a little easier now and explain how I feel. I am a little more confident in approaching people to play with me."

Yr4 child "I now understand that all sorts of feelings are normal and Connections is helping me to deal with feelings I find tricky."

Yr 5 child "I really enjoyed our outside sessions, l feel happy and nice outside ."

Y5 child "Connections has helped me to understand better how to do the right thing and I have been in trouble less."

Yr 6 child "I am encouraged to be sensible and make the right choices.Doing this in a small group is reflected in class - most of the time!"

Y6 child "I like to talk about what makes me upset and I feel that in Connections I can do this, which is helpful to me. It is good to talk in a small group."

Parent comments...

Yr 3 children
"Y loves the toast!  He sees the meetings as a real treat.  He has talked beautifully at home about body language, emotions, and friendships - a positive experience. Thank you!"
Yr 4 children
"I have noticed X is more confident around adults and he is able state his needs more clearly."
Yr 4 children
"It has helped X's confidence and understanding in talking about his emotions and feelings."
Yr 5 
"Y says it is a place where he can relax and get away from the pressure of everything.  He finds school extremely demanding and overwhelming at times and Connections supports him with that."
Yr 5 
"I have noticed that X has become calmer and has a better appreciation of the fact that someone else’s opinion may be different."
Teachers' comments 
"X is now able to contribute in class and make relevant comments on the subject in hand."
Teachers' comments
"Y can now talk about his feelings and we are working on talking things through when there are issues with peers."
Teachers' comments 
"There have been significant improvements in X's behaviour, resilience and attitude towards learning this term.   X is  becoming more reflective when things go wrong."