Pastoral Care

Daisy Camplin - Pastoral Support Advisor

On Mondays and Tuesdays I run our Connections group with Steve Leek, which has a group per year group. Each group aims to raise self esteem and develop emotional literacy through activities, games and crafts. We tackle issues such as resilience, motivation, empathy, social skills and feelings of anger and stress.

I also run Forest School lunch club on Mondays and Tuesdays. These are very popular drop in sessions where children are provided with some basic equipment and are encouraged to play imaginatively and sociably in our wooded side garden on Swansea Rd.

Our longer Forest school sessions  take place at our local Scout Hut on Jessopp Rd. I run the sessions for Year 4 and each class has about 6 half day sessions. These bring an opportunity for children to develop their confidence and friendships in a natural space. They are child led, so we learn a little about nature and play a social skills game to begin with but then the children are free to go and choose their activity for the rest of the session. They are helped to remember to look after each other, themselves and their environment and it is a great opportunity to develop trusting relationships with the adults and their own risk management skills.