Our Approach to Teaching and Learning in English

Success for all

At Avenue Junior School, we recognise English is at the heart of all learning opportunities for every child. We aim for engaged, interested and motivated pupils to develop the skills needed to continue their educational journey into high school and beyond.

 We strive to nurture a lifelong love of reading in our children. Our reading-rich curriculum seeks to share a wide range of styles, genres and themes, which all pupils can engage with. Fluent decoding skills are at the core of being able to access, and ultimately enjoy, reading, therefore discrete phonics lessons are delivered where necessary. Our age-appropriate reading spine ensures consistent challenge and engagement for students across their time at Avenues. This spine consists of: Shakespeare and Archaic texts; Children’s Classics; Modern Narratives; “In Their Shoes” and Myths, Legends and Fantasy. Through revisiting these areas of study across Key Stage 2, children will build upon prior learning and leave school with a rich knowledge of different authors and texts. Children need diverse books to be able to relate to them on a personal level, but they also need them in order to understand more about the wider society around them. The literature and texts will be chosen to represent a range of cultures, experiences, family structures and voices to ensure that our children are able to understand, engage with and even celebrate the wonderful diversity within our world.

Here are a selection of some texts currently being used, or are due to be used, as part of our evolving curriculum. As we learn about new texts, or new texts are brought to our attention, this selection may change.

Our school seeks for children to become confident, capable and enthusiastic writers. We aim to empower and inspire children to create their own high-quality writing by presenting them with good-quality texts, drama opportunities and experiences. Each unit of writing should start with a strong stimulus, and follow a carefully planned journey towards independently producing an extended outcome.

In order for children, and others, to value their work, we encourage high standards of presentation, with a particular emphasis on handwriting across all curriculum areas. Children will be supported towards the goal of developing clear, cursive handwriting through regular and targeted practise. Additionally, precision in spelling is promoted through explicit teaching of rules and strategies, alongside ongoing, individualised support.

All areas of the English curriculum are underpinned by the children’s ability to speak and listen with proficiency. Being able to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, as well as respecting and valuing the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others are a key skill for all children, and we seek to create an environment where children can develop these skills safely.