Vision and Values

‘Creating Excellence and Enjoyment for Everyone’


We aim to achieve our vision by:

  • providing an exciting and balanced curriculum
  • providing equality of opportunity and equal access
  • providing a variety of approaches to learning
  • providing a happy, safe and secure environment
  • ensuring children are supported to develop good emotional and physical health
  • encouraging the necessary learning and social skills for taking a positive role in life
  • valuing each member of the school community and their contributions
  • developing self-respect, self-confidence and taking responsibility for their actions
  • developing compassion and respect for gender, cultural, religious and social backgrounds
  • taking positive action against discrimination and stereotyping on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or social class.

Through working in partnership with parents, children, governors and staff our learning community will:

  • be confident and enthusiastic; working independently or as part of a team in all aspects of school life
  • have a good set of social and moral values; they are compassionate and respectful. They value the world, their school and each other.
  • have a sense of pride in themselves and their achievements and a strong belief in their own identity
  • have happy memories of enjoyable, challenging and exciting learning and high aspirations for the future
  • be ready for the next step in their learning journey.