Free Insight to Autism Info Sessions for Parents

Autism Anglia is offering free information sessions just for parents and family members of children with autism. Click on the links for each session below to download the flyer with more information:

Visual Support: The session aims to explain why visual support is often beneficial for children who have autism, when and how to use and how to put the visuals together.

Norfolk Steps - Step On for parents (2 sessions): The sessions aim to help parents have a greater understanding of behaviours their child may display and to identify and develop positive management strategies.

If you have any questions or concerns about special needs or disabilities, please contact our SENCO,  Dawn Jones.

She can be contacted either by  telephone via the school office or by email at

We will post any important links and information that may be of interest to parents of children with SEN in this section of our website.

Please see the Norfolk Local Offer page on Norfolk County Council's website for more information or our SEN Information Report 2018-19 (Draft) which has been co-produced with parents, carers, children, staff and governors.

Sensory Processing
SEND Policy & Information Report
Visual or Hearing Impairment

Norfolk Virtual School Sensory Support


Mears Irlen Syndrome – Irlen East

Specific Learning Difficulties (SPLD)
Parent Support