School Uniform

The current School Uniform came into being when the school was re-organised from a Middle School to a Junior School.

At the time all parents were asked what they would like in terms of uniform.

The majority of parents who responded, expressed a preference for having only one sweatshirt colour, with blue being the most popular choice.  It was also very clear from the replies that parents prefer their children to wear school shoes with their uniform, keeping trainers and plimsolls for sportswear.

In our consideration of school uniform our guiding principle has been that it should be practical, affordable and easily available. This also complies with recent guidance from the government. Parents may purchase the vast majority of it from wherever they choose, however school sweatshirts with a logo will only be available from Stevensons on Ber Street.  We decided to choose the Centre as our new supplier because:

  • The sweatshirt prices are lower than our school prices.
  • We have been reassured that their stock is sourced 'ethically' with suppliers who follow good employment practice recommendations.
  • They also provide a 'one-stop' option for buying all school clothing and bags for those parents who do not have time to shop around.

UPDATE: We now have an additional (online) supplier: We have some of their leaflets available in the office if you would like further information.

The Uniform is as follows:

  • Royal Blue Sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Grey or black school trousers/skirts
  • White or royal blue polo shirt
  • Black school shoes

In Summer:

Black or grey shorts or blue school dresses (checked or striped only), are an acceptable alternative. Sensible sandals may be worn but parents need to bear in mind potential for injuries with open-toed shoes.


A complete change of clothing consisting of plain white T shirt, black shorts / leggings and socks. Appropriate warm sportswear should be worn for cold weather with trainers for outdoor wear. Please note that children no longer wear plimsolls for P.E. lessons.

For Choir & Orchestra:

After many years we have changed our choir and orchestra uniform from white shirt and school tie to a blue 'performer' polo shirt. The cost of the new polo shirt will be similar to the combined cost of a shirt and tie. The polo shirts will also be available only from the National Schoolwear Centre.

  • Grey or black school trousers/skirts
  • Blue Polo shirt with 'Performer' logo
  • Black school shoes