School Improvement & Development Plan


Ensure children and staff are safe, happy, healthy and learning

  • Provide and maintain a COVID safety environment for children, staff and the community including a remote access learning back up plan
  • Provide a curriculum that promotes positivity, good mental health and well-being ensuring staff have access to high quality training to deliver this.
  • Ensure all children are active every day and that school sport provision in school is of a high standard.
  • Develop the school approach to inclusion to include a commitment to becoming anti-racist.
  • Embed emotional literacy in teaching and learning helping develop children’s self-regulation of behaviour and empower staff to manage behaviour positively.

Teaching and Learning

  • Develop a broad, balanced and rich literacy based curriculum.
  • Identify children who need additional support in maths and English and provide this through targeted support.
  • Ensuring all children in receipt of Pupil Premium make good progress and fulfil their potential.
  • Ensure timely identification and support for children in all areas of SEND through the development and training of staff and use of effective intervention.

Ensure all children make good progress in English

  • Improve the quality of writing for all pupils, focused on providing exciting opportunities across the curriculum
  • Establish a reading and phonics scheme in lower Key Stage 2 to address gaps in phonetic knowledge and comprehension.

Ensure all children make good progress in Maths

  • Continue to embed a structure, challenging and supportive maths curriculum that is consistently applied throughout school
  • Ensure the rigorous approach to monitoring children’s progress in maths continues in particular ensuring the lower ability are well supported to make good progress.